Stop making the same mistakes

Do you want 2022 to be different?

Hi, I’m Rowan, I know you had a turbulent 2020 and not everything went the way you wanted. Let me show you how to make 2021 the best year ever.

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What’s holding you back?

You’re here because:

  • You’ve tried it all and you’ve not been able to lose weight.
  • Your weight is constantly yo-yo-ing.
  • You’re a procrastinator and you always put things off.
  • You can’t seem to prioritise your own weight loss.
  • You give up when life gets in the way.

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Why The Meraki Movement is for you

Take control of your life.


A platform for continuous personal development, allowing you to own and take control of your life. Designed to empower clients to make the decisions for success.

Consistent Action

We will give you the tools to help you master the skill of consistent daily action. As a master of action you will be able to achieve consistent and real weight loss results.


You set your own goal and we hold you accountable to that goal every day. We will call you out on your excuses to keep you moving forwards towards your goal.

Your Roadblocks

We will help you to understand what is truly holding you back from losing weight, this will allow you to follow our clear cut strategy and get you the results you’ve always wanted.

Meet Rowan

The breakthrough badass

Rowan began his career as a Celebrity Trainer, he is now one of the most influential weight loss life coaches in the world. As co-founder of the Meraki Movement, he has made it his personal mission to enlighten a million lives and having been massively overweight himself, Rowan fully understands the obstacles you face every day to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Meraki is a Greek word for doing something with purpose, passion and power. The Meraki Movement is a group-based approach to weight loss through life coaching.

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5 in 30

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The Meraki 5 in 30 has been created to help identify your roadblocks and frustrations and to provide you with the tools and knowledge to fix and overcome your problems. The nine modules of our online course help you to become unstuck, push you into taking action and help you build the discipline needed to achieve your weight loss goal.

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We don’t just work with our clients one-to-one; we also partner with global organisations to help them achieve their employee wellbeing goals.

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